1480 Gothic Gauntlet Pattern

A few folks have asked me for the pattern for my latest (December 2013) gauntlet pattern, so I’ve made it available here. I will add instructions and more details (as well as the thumb plates) in the not-too-distant future, but I’m a bit pressed for time and it’s generally better to have “good enough” right now instead of “perfect” in a year. The patterns below will (if properly mangled) make a pair of gauntlets similar to the ones below:

1480s Gauntlets - gothic pattern without fluting

The patterns below are images saved at 300 DPI (scanned 8 1/2 x 11) and fit a “large” hand (size 9 -10 glove) so expanding / compressing the pattern may be needed. You can click on the thumbnail to expand to full size, or right clich to save-as. Note that I have made some changes since, and the metacarpal pattern was trimmed which is not immediately obvious on the pattern – a .BMP pattern below shows the correct pieces to trim off.Metacarpal pattern
Here is a PDF generated by Dave (Aussie Yeoman) which will make printing a tad easier:
Gothic Mitten Gauntlet Pattern

metacarpal, knuckle and last mitten plate for 1480 gothic gauntlet Cuff plates for 1480 gothic gauntlet Wrist and mitten plates for 1480 gothic gauntlet

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  1. mackenzie cosens says:

    Hi Scott,
    Good Gauntlets! Good use of form.


  2. Johanus says:

    I’ll definitely have to try to make a pair of these, they look awesome!

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