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So now I wonder what article I should tackle next: I have photos for planishing / raising stake construction, as well as a number of others in various stages of (in)completion.

Here’s the list of articles that are on my “to do” list. Given that these take me more than 2 full working days to assemble and write up (including a fair amount of wordpress hacking to modify layouts) this is a lot more work than I was originally anticipating when I made up the list – hopefully it will get easier as I get used to this platform!

The article list:

  • Making a sinking hammer (Complete / old HTML format)
  • Making hinges (Complete / old HTML format)
  • Decorating hinges (Complete / old HTML format)
  • Spring pin construction (Complete)
  • Raising stake construction (Feb 8, 2013)
  • Buckle construction / Decoration (Photos taken)
  • Modifying a vice for hinge construction and rivet manufacture (some photos taken)
  • Sliding Rivets (Photos taken)
  • Setting Rivets: articulating and non-articulating
  • Making Rivet Sets (and Rivets)
  • Making Jewelers Rivets
  • Basic Sinking (Helm Half)
  • Basic Planishing (Helm Half)
  • Basic Raising (Armet or a polyn)
  • Weld clean-up
  • Basic surface Clean-up
  • Basic Polishing
  • Metal surfacing techniques (Chasing, stamping, roping)
  • Basic Edge Rolling (Gauntlet)
  • Advanced Edge Rolling (Wire Re enforcement)
  • Basic Articulation Theory (Floating articulations, compression articulations, expansion articulations,
  • Basic Articulation (Compression Articulation)
  • Visor Articulation (Helmet)
  • Articulating a half-gauntlet (demi-Gauntlet)
  • Basic Piercework (Lines and Curves – Edging your list shield)
  • Advanced Piercework (Turns tighter than 90 degrees, parallel lines – Celtic Knotwork)
  • 3-Dimensional Piercework (Making a Tir Righ Cloak pin)
  • Brass Edging

I’m sure I can come up with a couple of dozen more articles, particularly if I include projects (gauntlets, knees, helm(s) pauldrons…) but I thought that it was worth asking what folks want to see next – drop a comment and I may re-prioritize based on feedback.


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